Immersion Thermostat with External Adjustments & Manual Reset Temp Limiter with Failsafe Feature

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Suitable for applications where fitting is required by means of a pocket.


  • Rated Current Voltage: C-1 16 (3) A/250V C-2 6 (1)A/250V
  • Safety Thermostat: C-1 16 (3) A/250V
  • Control Ranges: 0°C~90°C with 100°C Limit
  • Differential: 2~5°C
  • Limiter Setting: 90°C
  • Housing: Plastic
  • Protection Level: IP40
  • Max Box Temperature: 60°C
  • Internal Device: Capillary Thermoregulator and LimiterThermostat


Product Code:TS95H30.01




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