Celect Dial Setting RF 868MHz Wireless Digital Room Thermostat

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This thermostat is a non-programmable wireless thermostat. It can replace most common residential thermostat and is designed to be used with electric, gas, water radiant or oil heating control system or cooling system. CC816-RF2 is a battery powered room thermostat that offers the advantage of an easy to use setting dial plus the convenience of an LCD to display the Temperature. The thermostat provides accurate electronic temperature control without the need for an external power supply. The design utilises a micro-processor which as well as providing accurate temperature control , also drives a small LCD display which, during normal operation,displays actual room temperature which changes briefly, to show setting temperature, whenever the setting knob is adjusted. The User can put the control in a 30 meter vicinity or in an open area 100 meter and can read/control the temperature of the area and the Receiver is fitted close to the Appliance / Boiler. Unique facility of R/F-address code setting is built into RF Receiver 868MHz.



  • Wireless thermostat can be placed anywhere within 30 meters of the Receiver. The two units are linked by RF (Wireless Frequency 868MHz)
  • Optional Economic Operation or Comfort Operation by switch
  • Transmitter power has battery back-up, the Receiver can bear 16A current Voltage
  • Individual RF ADDRESS CODE to avoid interference
  • Room temperature easy read out by Mini LCD display, without backlight saves energy
  • The big control knob is easy to understand and adjust with the easy read LCD temperature display
  • Temperature display in Celsius
  • On/Off Switch
  • Compressor delay option for cooling selection
  • Low battery indication

  • Specification:
    • Power source ……………………Control Centre 2 x AA batteries (Not Supplied)
    • Receiver....... 240V
    • Frequency band....868MHZ
    • Relay contact.......16A/250VAC
    • Room temperature setting range........5°C-30°C(41-86°F)
    • Accuracy....... ±1.0°C
    • Protective Housing......IP21
    • Dimensions......Control Centre : 86mm x 86mm x 32mm

    Wireless Receiver Unit

    One to One Receiver independent circuit with adjustable temperature limiter function

    • Power source : 100-240VAC /50-60Hz
    • Relay Contact Rating : Voltage free 250Vac/16 Amp.
    • Accuracy: ±1°C
    • Room temperature setting range: 5°C-30°C
    • Storage temperature : 0°C ~ 60°C
    • Working frequency : R868: 868.35Mhz
    • Dimensions: Receiver: 113mm x 83mm x 30mm

    Product Code: CC816-RF2



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