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There are Two Programmable Outputs which can be used independently which give 3 On/Off per day periods. The Timer can be used for 5/2 day, 7 day or 24Hr Programming. The Timer also has a 1-3 Hr manual override facility. The Timer has a 10 Day battery back-up in the eventuality of power failure plus is 16Amp - 240V. The Timer also comes with housing and fitting / retaining bracket for panel mounting. Dimensions: 72mm x 72mm x 37.5mm Deep.

  • Protection Class: II
  • Accuracy: Typical 1sec/day at +20°C
  • Battery Reserve: 10 Days
  • Power Consumption: 5VA
  • Switching Capacity: Resistive Load 16A/250V, Inductive Load 8A/250V, Incandescent lamp load 1000W
  • Ambient Temperature: -10 °C ~ +55°C
  • Storage Temperature : - 10°C~+60 °C
  • Degree of Protection: IP20
  • Dimension 82.8 L x 82.8 W x 49.7 H mm

Product Code: TM-0522-2
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