LCD Electronic Floor Thermostat with Sensor

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The Thermostat is restricted to be used in indoor only. It should be mounting on an inner wall about 1.5m above the floor in a position where it is readily affected by changes of the general room temperature with freely circulating air. Avoid mounting on hot surfaces (e.g. TV, Heater, Refrigerator), or exposed to direct sunlight, or draughts, or equipment radiator or in a laundry room.




  • 16Amp 240V 60Hz
  • SPST. Heating only
  • Control Temperature: 10°C ~35°C
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ +40°C
  • Switching Differential: + /- 1°C
  • Sensing element NTC thermistor
  • Large foot print measuring: 85 x 102 mm with universal patteress
  • Colour White


Product Code: ET33



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