Horstmann Electronic 7 Series 3 - Immersion Heater Controller

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The Electronic 7 is designed to control one or two 3kW immersion heaters, utilising off peak electricity tariffs to provide a tank full of hot water each morning. Additional off peak settings are available to take advantage of the latest off peak tariff arrangements. A boost button is provided to top up the hot water if supplies are running low and an automatic boost setting to provide a pre-programmed daily boost is also available. The Electronic 7 Series 3 is interchangeable with previous Economy 7 controllers using the standard size Economy 7 wall box and plug in connectors. A two year battery reserve provides more than the total number of hours of power interruption the typical home will have in 200 years


  • Fully interchangeable with earlier versions using plug-in connectors
  • No need to change the wall mounting box
  • Compatible with all utility company tariffs
  • Automatic clock adjusts to accommodate GMT/BST summer/winter time
  • Accommodates up to three secure off-peak heating periods every 24 hours
  • Long life battery maintains the clock, display and switch time settings throughout the life of the control
  • ‘Boost’ button is ideal for short term overriding of the set program
  • ‘Boost’ element (in the tank) can be programmed so that it will heat only a small part of your tank at a set time each day
  • Optional program security feature
  • Single incoming supply




  • Contact Rating: 13Amps 230v AC Suitable for immersion Heaters upto 3Kw
  • Contact Type: Micro-disconnection on control Disconnection to immersion heaters on double-pole rocker switch
  • Supply: 230V 50Hz
  • Operating temperature Range: 0°C ~ 35°C
  • Program Settings: Off Peak – upto 3 On/Off time Periods
  • Boost: Programmable automatic boost and one hour manual boost
  • Display: AM/PM Indication; Winter/Summer Indication
  • Dimensions: 170mm Width x 115mm Length x 60mm Depth

Product Code: HOR-ELECT 7


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