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This thermostat commands the heating system to operate with two pre-selected temperature set-points (COMFORT & ECONOMY) Each of 7-Day is spread into 48 time-zones (Every 1/2 Hr per Hour), providing selected temperature setting to suit your needs. This Large LCD thermostat is easy to program, with a back-light function to bring convenience to users in installation programming and day-to-day use. Also a unique "Blue" back-light is built into illuminate the operation mode to avoid confusion when programming or operating the thermostat. For ease of operation in actual application, this unit also has a "STAND-BY" function which provides quick and simple way to temporary turn "OFF" heating when it is not required.

  • Large LED Screen
  • Luminous Blue Backlight to program in dim areas
  • Easy to Program
  • Battery-Low Indication
  • Spin Rotary Selector to desired Day of the Week
  • All 7 Day independently Programmed
  • 24 Hour Format – spread into 48 time programming zones
  • “Comfort” and “Economy” temperature settings
  • EEPROM Memory backup
  • Temperature Display Range: 0°C ~ 50°C/32°F ~ 122°F
  • Temperature Control Range: 5°C ~ 35°C/41°F ~ 95°F
  • Switching Differential (Hysteresis): 0.5°C
  • Temperature Adjusting Scale: 1°C
  • Temperature Display Scale: 0.1°C
  • Output Rating: 10Amp / 250Vac, Voltage Free SPDT - (Heat/Cool)
  • DIMENSIONS: 138 x 86 x 29.6m
  • 2 X AA Batteries Supplied

Product Code: TH-2006
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